Black Garlic in other manufacturer`s products

Pipravikat with Black Garlic

Manufacturer: Pipravikat

Here you will get some thunder and lightning! All chilli lovers – prick your ears. This chilli paste is called “Pipravikat”. However, it is the mildest taste in the series, where you can feel a little sweetness and smoky aftertaste. If you’re still not a chili lover, maybe now you will be?

Pipravikat - Must Küüslauk

Honey with Black Garlic “Black Garlic Honey”

Manufacturer: Meemeistrid OÜ

When black garlic and honey come together, it will be a big bang. This honey is perfect for seasoning meats and sauces. We recently discovered that it also works wonderfully with black bread and cheese. So, all the chimney sweepers, car mechanics, inventors, farmers, gardeners and everyone else who have hands of gold – this honey is just for you!

P.S Also suitable for everyone else if your testosterone levels should show a downward trend!

Hummus with Black Garlic

Manufacturer: Marta Pagar (Euroleib AS)

Creamy spread from chickpeas and Black Garlic. Well, it’s kind of like a pate. And a very good pate, anyway! And completely vegan too. Without any weird side flavors, maybe better than the real pate. This is definitely not an ordinary hummus. Black Garlic has hit the nail on the head. Let it be sai that the consumers think that it is running for Marta’s best product!

Berlin Bronze logoSangaste Winter Rye Handsa (40%) with Black Garlic

Manufacturer: Moe OÜ

Handsa is a strong alcoholic beverage from Setomaa or as folk say “moonshine. It is a rye brandy infused with Black Garlic. It is made from the world’s oldest cultivated rye variety, organic Sangaste winter rye. The distillers of the 18th century secretly made the strong beverage for themselves and for contraband and the distillers had to possess perfect knowledge and skills to get it right. Today, Black Garlic has also brought international recognition to Estonia’s traditional drink. It has been recognized in 2019 in Craft Spirit festival “Destille Berlin” with bronze metal. 


Black Garlic Schnapps

Manufacturer: Must Küüslauk OÜ

It is a truly awesome elixir and a warming spirit. Suitable as a party drink or in a snowy forest or on a ski hill. It is an alcoholic drink consisting only of vodka and black garlic.  No sugar has been added.

How does it taste? It tastes similar to Riga Black Balsam or Jägermeister but leaves a long and pleasant aftertaste in your mouth, so you don’t need more than one shot.  Stay healthy!


Pipranaps - Must Küüslauk

Zephyr with Black Garlic

Manufacturer: Karamelle AS 

No no! They are not made of concrete! It’s a zephyr – and absolutely great one. It is also perfect and stylish for a cornerstone party and rafter party! Black Garlic makes this sweet quite unprecedented and the color unfamiliar, but when you get used to it, you will like it.


Black Garlic, walnut-almond candy with dark chocolate

Manufacturer: Pihlaka AS 

It is the king of handmade candies. Black Garlic makes it royal, nuts and almonds add a crunchy nuance, and dark chocolate dresses it all in a velvety delicious coat. The combination of Black Garlic and Dark Chocolate is just so good you have to try it!

Organic grass beef cutlet with Black Garlic

Manufacturer: Liivimaa Lihasaaduste Vabrik AS

These cutlets are packed with organic beef. But even the purest meat alone is not enough to create the most pleasant taste in the world. For an amazing taste they add Black Garlic Paste to the cutlet. This is how a mouthful is born, which makes you go “mmmmmm” and take the next cutlet!’

Rakvere fresh sausage with Black Garlic in lamb casing

Manufacturer: Rakvere (AS HKScan Estonia)

Rakvere Lihaka fresh sausages do contain a lot of meat, but not only! Black Garlic makes these sausages so pleasant that they are just waiting to land on a grill. Meaty fresh sausages with Black Garlic have a pleasantly mild taste – garlic will never let you down! And you won’t find any e-substances in these sausages.

Melted Cheese with Black Garlic

Manufacturer: E-Piim Tootmine AS

Melted cheese is a well-known favorite of Estonians. But what has happened now? Traditional melted cheese is paired with lively and innovative Black Garlic! And what’s most wonderful? They fit together perfectly. Try it and become part of the idyll of unexpected love! The price-quality ratio of melted cheese is excellent, and you can spread the cheese directly on the bread or mix it into the food.

NOMI organic health blend with Black Garlic and Chilli

Manufacturer: Nomi OÜ

NOMI healthy snack blend with black Garlic and chilli is a mixture of seeds and nuts with a slightly salty, spicy and smoky taste. If you need a nourishing snack, grab it. You can be sure that Black Garlic will start working for your health immediately, and the seeds and nuts are full of omega-3 fatty acids, minerals and vitamins.

Oven roast with Black Garlic

Manufacturer: ARKE Lihatööstus AS

An undeniably nice oven steak in a self-opening baking bag. Black Garlic adds just the necessary flavor nuance to turn simple meat into a delicious gourmet food. Bake at 210 degrees for 90 minutes and the remarkable roast is ready. And you can tell the guests that you made it yourself!