Especially delicious taste

The taste of black garlic is remarkable. It is a mixture of salty and sweet, caramel and chocolate, slightly bitter and slightly sour. Have you heard of umami taste? We have four senses of taste: sweet, sour, salty and bitter. Umami is the fifth taste. The equivalent of this Japanese word in English is “delicious”. This is the taste of Black Garlic.

The property of Umami is that it amplifies other flavors, mixes well with them and creates wonderful flavor combinations. That is why we recommend using Black Garlic for appetizers, main courses and desserts. Find inspiration in our recipes! With the help of Black Garlic, you will surprise your family by making everyday dishes festive and special. Add Black Garlic to ice cream or salad, pasta or strawberry jam. Surprise your guests with Black Garlic, the excitement and wonder will last for quite some time. You can use Black Garlic for dinner in any dish, from a snack platter to a chocolate cake.

More and more restaurants and food industries are discovering the possibilities of Black Garlic. And why not? This product provides an opportunity to stand out, create outstanding flavors and at the same time add health-promoting properties to food. We definitely recommend also home chefs to experiment with Black Garlic.

And one more tip. When your girlfriends come to visit, offer them Black Garlic as a snack with wine! Unless your husband has already used this worthy stuff with beer … In this case, you can always stock up from our e-shop.

American star chef Evan Hanczor

American star chef Evan Hanczor commented on the taste of Black Garlic: “It’s deep, the flavors are so multi-level and they stay with the taste buds. It has notes of dark caramel and chocolate, a little bitter, a little sweet and umami, plus this je ne sais quoi (in French: I don’t know what). “