Garlic brings vitality and strength to the body and makes your eyes shine.

It is said that garlic is the source of eternal youth. Garlic is eveb said to scare away evil spirits.

Now you can try this superfood in a new and very tasty way – Must Umami!

Black Garlic – Must Umami is garlic cooked for about 3 weeks at low temperature with high humidity. In the process the natural sugars caramelize and the garlic turns black. The taste of the garlic becomes pleasantly sweet and caramel-like, the consistency becomes like marmalade and the health-promoting properties multiply.


Black Garlic – Must Umami:

  •  is packed with health-promoting properties that are amplified up to 80 times as a result of thermal processing 
  • is tasty and exciting as a snack and makes any dish gourmet, suitable both for savory and sweet dishes because of its special umami taste.
  • is made from powerful organic Estonian garlic, the amazing health-promoting and empowering properties of which are further enhanced by thermal processing

Black Garlic – Must Umami is a favorite of both master chefs and experts  

We make Black Garlic – Must Umami from Estonian organic garlic. The garlic is grown without plant protection products and artificial fertilizers.
Good for you and good for planet Earth!


Organic Peeled Black Garlic

Peeled EN 600x600

Gourmet food prepared in your kitchen.


Organic Black Garlic (unpeeled bulb)

Unpeeled EN 600x600

Snack or taste with wine.


Organic Black Garlic Paste

Pasta EN 600x600

Season like a top chef.


Organic Black Garlic Powder

Pulber EN 600x600

Suitable for adding flavor both in food industries and home kitchens.


Black Garlic and Propolis Capsules

Kapslid EN 600x600

Support your body with natural sources of power.


Black Garlic with dark chocolate 100g


Meet the king of craft candy.


Peeled Black Garlic (weighted goods, non-organic)


Season like a top chef.


Organic Black Garlic (weighted goods, unpeeled bulb)


Suitable for adding flavor both in food industries and home kitchens.


Organic Black Garlic Flower (weighted goods)


Support your body with natural sources of power.


Must Umami Hall of Fame


How to use this wonder product in the kitchen? Black Garlic is ideal for snacks, savory dishes and desserts. Allow us to inspire you!


How does Black Garlic get a nice umami sweet and sour taste?

Black Garlic is sweet because of natural sugars, which are present in the garlic in the same amount as in bananas. Raw garlic does not have a sweet taste, because the sulfur that gives the garlic its aroma and taste buries the sweetness. When sulfur vaporizes along with water during cooking, natural sugar comes forth in Black Garlic.

In what foods should Black Garlic be used?

Black Garlic is used in desserts, salads and savory dishes. With its’ umami taste, it is like the king of flavors and adds a particularly delicious nuance to dishes. Add Black Garlic to ice cream, fresh salad, risotto, honey or flavored butter – a particularly delicious result is guaranteed in any case.

Does the breath stink and the stomach burn?

No, the breath doesn’t stink and the stomach doesn’t burn, because Black Garlic doesn’t have as much sulfur as fresh garlic. You can kiss your loved one immediately! In the case of Black Garlic, the deeper and hidden flavors of garlic come forth. A taste of sweet and sour balsamic vinegar or dark chocolate is noticeable, there is a particularly deep and long aftertaste. The bitter taste and aroma of garlic disappears during cooking.

How do you like Black Garlic?

We are very excited about Black Garlic – Must Umami, because it is a real Estonian superfood. We do our work with love and contribute to the making of Black Garlic with passion. Therefore, we want to get feedback to be even better and to correct any mishaps.

We do not collect data or send spam. We are only interested in your feedback, as it is also very important in product development.