Organic and Estonian

Black Garlic is made only from garlic grown organically in Estonia. No plant protection products or artificial fertilizers are used. After timely harvesting, the garlic is allowed to dry on the ground in the sun for some time. The garlic is then cleaned and cooked at low temperature and high humidity for weeks. This process can be compared to the sous vide type of cooking method. When ripe, the garlic cloves turn carbon black and get a slightly sweet, caramel taste. The correct temperature and humidity regime must be observed to obtain a quality product. The right time of ripening is determined by tasting and the specifics of post-ripening are also considered. When the Black Garlic is ripe, it is allowed to cool and dry and then sorted and packed airtight.

No added flavors or preservatives are used in this product.

Careful selection of raw materials, conscious preparation and correct storage techniques retain most of the good properties of Black Garlic and add a number of excellent taste properties, enhance antioxidant and other health-promoting properties.